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Shakespeare's Glob Theatre

William Shakespeare was the greatest English writer of all time. He was also poet and an actor. In fact,he often acted in is own plays. Shakespeare was part of the King's men, a group of actors who performed at the Globe theatre in London. He was also one of the owners of the Globe and because of this he became a rich man. A fire destroyed the original Globe theatre in 1613 and the Puritan parliament,who considered the theatre to be immoral,closed the second Globe theatre in 1642. In 1644 the authorities demolished the theatre and built houses on the site.

In the 1980 some people had an ambitious idea:to build an exact reconstruction of the Globe theatre in exactly same place as the original. It was a very difficult task because there weren't any existing documents accurate measurements of the orignal theatre. A group of architects used illustrations from the 1600s for the reconstruction.

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